About Us

PCMCI is a wholesaler and reseller of I.T equipment including new, refurbished and used computer and mobile IT equipment at discounted prices. With an experience spanning over 15 years in this business, we are a ONE-STOP SHOP where our customers can enjoy extensive range of latest products at extremely competitive pricing.


Our objective is to help businesses and consumers with a professional, hazard-free, environmentally-responsible AND cost-effective way to dispose of their E-waste, which must be law-compliant as well.

Data Destruction
& Privacy

Concerned about the privacy and security of your data while responsibly disposing off your used IT assets? Need not to worry! Per your choice, we will either destroy your private data on your site or have it brought to our location using the industry standard methods and issue you a certificate.

Items We Accept

Computers, Servers, Server Racks, Laptops, Computer Monitors, CRT Screens, Networking Equipment, Projectors, Televisions, Plasma Screens, Calculators, Faxes, Copiers and Medical Equipment.

Dismantle & put to re-use again

In between the full scale recycling of unwanted ones and reuse of still in demand ones, are articles which may not be desirable by others as a whole, but which may still contain components that may still be needed by some others.

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